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  • Welcome to Wuxi Dazheng Industrial Co., Ltd official website
          Wuxi Lauslan Machinery Co., Ltd. (Wuxi Dazheng Industrial Co., Ltd.) is located in the beautiful tourist city - Wuxi. In the south of Taihu, north of Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, the traffic is very convenient.

          Wuxi Lauslan Machinery Co., Ltd. (Wuxi Dazheng Industrial Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1988. Over the years, has been committed to the optical equipment, cleaning equipment research and development design work. With many colleges and universities jointly developed with domestic advanced level products. At the same time, the introduction of foreign similar products of advanced technology and manufacturing process, and constantly optimize the product structure, so that companies in the increasingly fierce unexpectedly in the dispute in the leading position. And create a unique corporate culture atmosphere.

          My company's products and application range:

          (一)、 The optical equipment is widely used in the surface treatment of automobile parts, die castings, powder metallurgy, stamping parts, motorcycles, electronic instruments and other related products.

          (二)、Cleaning equipment widely used in automobile parts, motorcycles, machinery manufacturing, instrumentation and railway locomotives and other related enterprise products surface cleaning and processing.

          I also provide the company:

          The grinding fluid, abrasive, bright agent, anti rust agent, detergent, cleaning agent, and the grinding fluid, abrasive, light, rust, detergent, and detergent for cleaning equipment.

          Dust removal equipment supporting the use of the pulse electromagnetic valve, filter bag, filter bag skeleton and related accessories.

          Twenty years of struggle, twenty years of quality. We to the new mode of management and business philosophy for the vast number of old and new customers to provide the best product solutions, to provide the best "Taisho" products.

          Our customers are the most competitive.


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