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    High efficiency horizontal and inclined centrifugal light trim series

    XMW80 horizontal centrifugal light trim
                                                                                          High efficiency horizontal, tilt centrifugal polishing machine with planetary processing principle, with efficient and automatic sorting light whole efficiency outstanding characteristics. Suitable for surface light finishing of small quantities and small parts. Improving the accuracy of the roughness of the original parts after grinding 1-2. Can remove the metamorphic layer of the front road, improve the contact fatigue strength of the parts surface.

    XMW30 horizontal centrifugal light trim
    XMW36 horizontal centrifugal tilt adjustable
    speed adjustment light trim

    Technical parameters
    Model Drum volume (only) Radius of rotation(mm) Roller speed(rpm) Motor power(kw) Equipment size(mm) Total weight(kg)
    XMW30 7.5L×4 210 185 1.5 970×990×1175 410
    XMW36 8L×4 260 185 2.2 1070×1090×1275 480
    XMW80 20L×4 350 145 5.5\0.4 1480×1370×1680 1000
    XMW80a 20L×4 400 145 7.5\0.4 1580×1470×1780 1250


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