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  • Welcome to Wuxi Dazheng Industrial Co., Ltd official website
    Light of the whole machine 2016/05/26
    Light the machine is mainly composed of row houses, frame, door, roll, hydraulic system and other components and institutions, etc, these are for the d...
    The role of light overall 2016/05/26
    The role of light has the four aspects: 1, the pressing strip surface, make the zinc layer better stick to the strip surface; 2, control panel, improve...
    Light main structure and working principle of the machine 2016/05/26
    Light the machine is mainly used for small metal parts, standard parts, instruments, clocks and watches, bicycles, sewing machines, hydraulic pneumatic...
    How to set the machine before and after tension light 2016/05/26
    Tension is the basic process parameters of light affect the normal operation of the light machine, also affect the quality of the products after finish...
    Light the whole characteristic of the automatic line 2016/05/26
    Light the whole automatic line including double barrel finishing machine, vibrating finishing machine, conveyor, conveyor, conveyor, magnetic separator...
    what is the turbo finishing automatic line 2016/05/26
    Eddy current type light the whole automatic line, on the basis of the principle of eddy current polishing will be feeding, polishing, discharging, sort...
    Light electric control configuration and characteristics of 2016/05/26
    1, light the whole automatic production line of the main motor adopts frequency conversion motor, the inverter speed control. 2, adopt mitsubishi inver...
    Dazheng industrial automatic parts washing machine Efficient 2016/05/26
    Wuxi Dazheng Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 1988. Over the years has been committed to light the whole equipment, environmental equipment, cleaning...


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