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    Light main structure and working principle of the machine

    Light the machine is mainly used for small metal parts, standard parts, instruments, clocks and watches, bicycles, sewing machines, hydraulic pneumatic components, bearings, automobile, electric parts, plastic, ceramic, non-ferrous metals, precious handicraft industry product of various components of deburring, surface polishing, especially for special-shaped parts of thefamily superior processing has its specific function, through which light the whole processing of parts, does not destroy the original form, precision and light the whole machine and the surface quality improved, the machine is widely used in a large number of small parts light the whole processing.
    Light machine's main structure are main motor drive mechanism, drive the rotating body spinning pulley system, planetary drive disc of rotors, roller, drive roller rotation of the sprocket system, control roller rotation and discharge chain wheel reducer organization and operation control system, security insurance system, etc.


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