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  • Welcome to Wuxi Dazheng Industrial Co., Ltd official website
    the optical function of the machine 2016/05/25
    One, two kinds of working mode According to the requirements of using select work mode 1, the elongation pattern: priority control elongation (elongati...
    light working principle of the machine 2016/05/25
    Light at the bottom of the machine is the use of back wheel parts produced by the high speed centrifugal force and under the action of abrasive in a fi...
    light technical parameters of the machine 2016/05/25
    1, light material of the machine: Material: carbon-steel sigma ≦ 350 n/S was Thickness: 0.2 ~ 1.2 mm Width: 600 ~ 1250 mm 2, roll: Work roll: phi 380...
    the characteristics of light the whole automatic line 2016/05/25
    1, light the whole automatic line adopts world advanced spiral flow, three yuan vibration principle, made parts and roll grinding tool grinding with ea...
    light the whole product characteristics of the automatic lin 2016/05/25
    1, light the whole automatic line installed the water cycle system, effectively solve the abrasive wheel flat wear, small particles team make the wheel...
    light tension is how to control the whole automatic producti 2016/05/25
    Light in front of the whole automatic production line are the highest tensile machine, the entire production line tension is followed by the process of...
    summary of the whole automatic production line 2016/05/25
    A deburring, light the whole automatic production line will parts processing, cleaning and antirust oil, drying one-time finish. Second, the light of t...
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