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    SDM-300 type horizontal belt machine

    Specifications and technical parameters
    1.area: 2100x700mm (length x width)
    2.height: 1760mm
    3.belt speed: 1000-1640m/min
    4.belt motor power: 2.2kw
    5.belt width:50mm
    6.belt perimeter:3000mm
    7.dust collector power: 1.1kw
    8.total power: 3.3kw
    9.weight: 450kg

    Application and scope
    This machine widely used in surface grinding of various products made of metal, nonferrous metal and nonmetal, with efficient and safe dust, no poison does not occur as the wheel has wounded the accident) and economy.
    Especially in machinery manufacturing, hardware tools, die-casting, daily hardware instruments, meters and other industry grinding burr and deburring and polishing. The machine has wide use value, is recognized as an alternative of ordinary grinder and polishing disc of the ideal product.

    Working structure and working principle
    This machine is mainly through the motor belt wheel up tight growth mechanism to drive the grinding head of high-speed rotation, driven wheel is installed in the manual control of the flexible shaft, the mechanism can automatically adjust the belt tension force


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