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    GS-120 Automatic turning

    Main technical parameters
    1, the largest diameter: less than 120mm
    2, deburring efficiency: 1 /10 seconds / piece (touch screen adjustable)
    3, total power: 8.62kw (in which the dust collector is 4kw)
    4, working pressure: 0.6Mpa
    5, the form size: 2200 x 3000 x 3150 (mm) (including dust remover)

    Application and scope of application
    The equipment is used for powder metallurgy car synchronous machine pressing, sintering parts surface to burr special equipment. As the car synchro converter produced by means of powder metallurgy process on both ends of the synchronizer for deburring of an automated unit, the synchronizer dry brushes deburr process. Due to the device has high automation, so it is suitable for car synchro converter mass production process of dry brushes deburr process. This equipment can adjust the fixture to adapt to different parts of the processing.


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